Strategy & Management Philosophy

Vision Statement

"To Excel in what we do, to Inspire in how we do."

Mission Statement

Customer Delight = Q*P*T+ Communication,

Where Q is Quality Level (seen through eyes of our customers), P is Price Level (seen through eyes of our customers) and T is the response time or delivery time (seen through eyes of our customers).

Undoubtedly the factors Q, P and T together results in customer satisfaction. But above these 3 key factors is the communication which binds them together to produce delightful experience for our customers.

Culture Statement

"All Goals are easy with Teamwork."


Focus, Perseverance, Professional Commitment & Ethics and Hard work are the only keys to Success in long run.

Business Goals & Objectives

  • We work to make Profits.
  • We work to build and leverage Long Term Relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We work hard to honor our Commitments.

Business Strategy

  • Grow by consistently delivering customer delight.
  • Grow through developing & leveraging long term relationship with suppliers.
  • Grow through backward integration, in cases where above strategy doesn't fit.
  • Grow through continuous improvements in our internal processes and infrastructure.