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As an employer, we strive to offer equal opportunity to all.

Qualified & sincere candidates will be considered without respect to age, race, doctrine, shading, national source, family line, conjugal status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, incapacity, nationality, sex, religion, or veteran status

HR Philosophy

At Parker, the philosophy behind our human resource management is primarily derived from our vision statement:

To excel in what we do, to inspire in how we do

We pledge to excel and be the best in whatever business we do and at the same time we are focused on our course and actions, during pursue of such excellence, to be good enough for the society to take inspiration from. This is impossible to achieve without our employees' involvement and belief. Our HR practices aim at fostering encouragement for the employees to develop belief in our vision and motivating them to contribute in this blissful journey.

We strive to develop and maintain a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment for our employees at Parker. We are committed to build the culture of cooperation, coordination, commitment and respect for all at our organization.

At Parker, our culture is derived from our culture statement "ALL GOALS ARE EASY WITH TEAMWORK".

Career Development

Our employees enjoy complete freedom to develop their careers based on their skill sets. We believe that, in long run, our success depends on the professional growth of our employees. We encourage and support them to take educational and training programs in the area of mutual interests.

Mentoring Program

All new employees are allotted a Mentor for first 3 months of joining. This is to ensure smooth induction of a new employee in our culture. This program has so far produced great results for the employees as well as Parker.